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The Effects of Anxiety on EFL Learners’ Performance

21 ژانویه 2018
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The Effects of Anxiety on EFL Learners’ Performance

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Anxiety is negatively correlated with performance in learning English as a foreign language. This survey focuses on the high school students. This paper tried to study the effect of anxiety on the English learners in Iran. It is necessary to undertake further investigations to get more information and clarity on the aspects related to anxiety. Thus, this study is aimed at exploring the effect on life syllabus on Iranian EFL learners’ anxiety. The finding of the study may provide information for curriculum planners, teachers and learners regarding reducing anxiety in foreign language class. This research also presents a new flash in EFL classroom, and teachers can use life syllabus in their teaching. Also, learners can learn easier, enhance their motivation to get proficiency and reduce their anxiety. This study aims to investigate the correlation between EFL students’ language anxiety and the use of life syllabus in English classrooms. This subject is investigated to find out how to best utilize the life syllabus teaching method as a means of reducing language learning anxiety. The reason for selection of Life Syllabus as a new remedy has been two folds: First, revealing the factors that lead to anxiety among learners, then, recommending and developing a program that can reduce anxiety among learners.

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